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Flex Bikini Search Photo Shoots

My partner and I will be in Santa Monica CA Feb 17th – 20th for the Flex Bikini show.  To book shoots with us, contact me ASAP! Info is on the flyer :)

Book your shoot now!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have had a great summer and met some amazing and talented models and photographers!  If you take the time to get to know a person, there is sooo much more to them.  Even the most beautiful model, under that outward appearance lies a person with a beautiful soul willing to share their experiences, emotions, trials and triumphs.  We need only take the time to listen… to be real, to give our energy freely and accept theirs so that we both may grow and learn from each other!  Thank you to all of you that have shared your energy with me and allowed me to share my energy with you.  Happy Thanksgiving!



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Ms Fitness Competition in Reno NV

Lets shoot in Reno! If you are in the area or going to compete, lets shoot. Contact me for rates and available times!

harry@hg3photography or (310)880-0642

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Back home…

I am going back to MN for the next 2 weeks to visit family!  It reminds me of when I started shooting over ten years ago!  I will look through the archives and post some of my earlier work from when I still lived in Minnesota! (Just not today!)

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Still getting the hang…

of this!  I added a new page and have now determined that new posts update the home page and If I want to update the picture page, I just write new comments.  So, I will update posts with new images and I will add pages for the different types of images I have taken over time! I would love to have comments so please, add comments ;-) !Michelle's View

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I would love to share more with you of the Brazilian culture, but for now a photo has to work!

Serene Serena

I spend quite a bit of time in the Brazilian community because my girlfriend is from Rio!  Here is a picture of her…

Brazilizn Beauty

Barzilian Beauty - Katinha

In the future I will share photos from various events and photos shoots that will give you a broader perspective of the beauty born of Brazil!

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I am a photographer living in West Los Angeles.  I grew up in Minneapolis MN.  I shoot fitness, swimwear, glamor, fashion, and events!  Please contact me on my contact page www.hg3photography.com/contact_us

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Hello world! Starting a new blog, I look forward to sharing my work with you!

You see it happening all over the world, but in the past I have traditionally stuck with Facebook and other social media outlets.  Well, its time to take control of my content and how it is delivered, so welcome to my blog!  I will share current events, photos and schedule plans as well as opportunities that I come across.  I will give back ground info on photo posts and try to keep up to date with behind the scenes photos and videos!

Nature's Beauty

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